Fab at 40, Queen Latifah Reveals Diet Secrets

Age is but a number as long as you feel young on the inside, she says

Rapper, singer and actress, Queen Latifah has more awards under her belt from both music and film than others get in a lifetime. Another thing she can also brag about is that she’s managed to lose considerable weight and to keep it off, thanks to the Jenny Craig program, which, she says in a recent People piece, has taught her the importance of nutrition and working out.

She’s nearly 40 years old, but she hardly looks a day older than 28. That’s all because, for her, age is but a number, no matter how cliché that might sound. We tend to look on the outside the age we feel on the inside, so, as long as she keeps her amazing sense of humor and infectious laughter and, of course, feels younger by the day, Queen Latifah reckons she should be able to look this fabulous for many years to come.

Of course, partly responsible for this is also her healthier diet, thanks to the Jenny Craig weight loss treatment, whose spokesperson she became a while back. “To me as long as you’re young at heart, it really doesn’t matter how old you are. To me, age is really how you feel on the inside. I wish I had known more about nutrition and exercise and how really good it could affect you at a younger age. Then I would have kicked it up a lot sooner,” Latifah tells People in a recent interview.

When she first became a Jenny Craig spokesperson, she had 20 pounds of extra weight. She lost them shortly after starting to eat right and embarking on a workout routine, and has managed to keep them off for three years, until now. “Idon’t really diet. I kind of keep everything in moderation, exercise and eat right. I eat a lot of vegetables and lean meats, and I drink a whole lot of water,” Latifah says. With one exception, though, “Mac and cheese…I gotta have it!”

In the same interview, Queen Latifah also uses to opportunity to urge people to continue donating for Haiti relief, adding that her plans also go beyond that, to building an orphanage or a school. Speaking of children, the star also does not rule out the possibility of adopting a Haitian, though, for the time being, such plans are on hold until other, more important things are settled.

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