FTC is proposing real measures against Spam Zombies

Operation Spam Zombies

As we reported FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is very determined to fight back the spam, and especially those infected computers, known as Spam Zombies.

The initiative of FTC is supported also by others US departments, including Department of Commerce and Department of Homeland Security in the USA

The security measures that FTC is proposing include:

identifying computers that are sending unusual amounts of e-mail and taking steps to determine if the computer is acting as a spam zombie and, if necessary, quarantining the affected computer until the source of the problem is removed;

providing plain-language information for customers on how to keep their home computers secure;

providing or pointing their customers to easy-to-use tools to remove zombie code if their computers become infected

Also, FTC recommends the implementation of Port 25 blocking as a standard.

According to anti-spam company CipherTrust an average of 172,000 computer users lose control of their machines each day to the hackers.

"With our international partners, we're urging Internet service providers worldwide to step up their efforts to protect computer users from costly, annoying, and intrusive spam 'zombies.'" said in a statement Lydia Parnes, director of the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection.

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