FTC Cracks Down on Marketer Using Fake News Sites to Promote Acai Berry Products

The Clickbooth affiliate network agreed to pay $2 million (1.5 million EUR) to settle

The Clickbooth affiliate network has agreed to settle the charges brought against it by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) by paying $2 million (1.5 million EUR). The company has been accused of relying on fake news sites to promote and sell acai berry weight-loss products.

According to the FTC, the company had set up bogus news sites to promote the weight-loss and “colon cleanser” supplements.

In 2008, Clickbooth was contracted by merchants to market products such as Acai Pure, Acai Max, Pure Berry Max, Acai Advanced Cleanse, Acai Ultraberry Slim, TriSlim, Slimberry, HCG Extreme, ColoThin, Tone DeTox, and ColoPure.

The company recruited a network of affiliate marketers that used deceptive methods to advertise the products.

The money collected from Clickbooth will be refunded to consumers who have been deceived into buying the miracle diets. Furthermore, the company has been banned from using a wide range of deceptive marketing practices.

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