FSP Launches 80 Plus Silver and Gold Power Supplies

The Aurum 92+ power supplies and new Raider-series models have appeared

Next month (February 2013), FSP will release four new power supply units, two of which will have what used to be highest efficiency level on the 80 Plus scale, and two that will be just one step below.

What we mean by “what used to be the highest efficiency level on the 80 Plus scale” is the 80 Plus Gold rating.

While there are a few 80 Plus platinum units in the world, and even 80 Plus Titanium models, 80 Plus Gold was the highest ever achieved for a while.

One might even argue that it is still the highest, as viewed by the consumer market, with 80 Plus Platinum PSUs and above there only as luxury items.

Regardless, FSP has formally launched a pair of Aurum-series power supply units, called Aurum 92+ and featuring 550W (PT-550M) and 650W (PT-650M).

The Fortron FSPMIA-IC chip is present, which integrates many voltage regulation and protection functions (makes the PCB less cluttered).

FSP (a channel brand of Fortron) also implemented the HybridSynergy technology, which permits load to be spread across four rails (18A +12V rails).

As for the cabling, it is partially modular: the 24-pin ATX, 8-pin EPS, and one PCIe connector are fixed, while the SATA/MOLEX connectors, and an extra PCI Express cable, are modular.

The other two PSUs that FSP has prepared will be added to the August 2012-launched Raider series and will have 80 Plus Silver efficiency.

The models are called RA-650 and RA-750 (650W and 750W) and are mainstream PSUs with single +12V rail design and, common protections and two/four PCI Express connectors. Other cables include 24-pin, 4+4-pin EPS, nine SATA, three Molex and one Berg, all non-modular. 120 mm temperature controlled fans handle the cooling.

The FSP Aurum 92+ and the two new FPS Raider PSUs will ship form February onwards. Prices haven't been revealed though.


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