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Even more content coming from Zedge

Zedge is one of the best resources of mobile content on the web, as it offers free wallpapers, screensavers, themes, ringtones and games for most of the mobile phones ever released. But today, even more mobile content joined the Zedge offering, being provided by artists, labels and managers. For example, Cypress Hill, DEVO, The Midnight Youth and other artists created profile pages on Zedge that offer exciting content to all the visitors. This way, Zedge plans to improve the 12 Ringtones Of Christmas campaign offering with brand new material coming from famous and popular artists.

"12 Ringtones of Christmas represents a new paradigm in the promotion and delivery of music and mobile content to both Zedge users and all fans of great music. By partnering with top managers, labels, and emerging artists, Zedge is bringing its 6.6 million users in 216 countries free ringtones, images and video-many of which are available on mobile for the first time and only through Zedge", said Moshe Berger, head of Zedge Studios and CEO of its parent, IDT Internet Mobile Group.

Zedge has always been a fantastic source of mobile content, but this year it really impressed the audience with its continuously growing database of users. In a public statement rolled out today, Zedge stated that it currently had more than 6 million registered users, with approximately 12,000 new members coming every day. Moreover, Zedge owns a database of 1,000,000 files including images, themes, ringtones and screensavers, videos and games, all of them addressed to mobile users.

"The 12 Ringtones of Christmas campaign is an example of how Zedge works with content owners to greatly increase the visibility of their artists while providing a fun way for Zedge users to 'free their phones' with the hottest, exclusive mobile music content", said Mark Frieser, SVP of Marketing at IIMG.

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