FM 2014 In-Game Editor Is Designed to Tweak Players, Teams, Staff

Gamers can create their dream football experiences

Developer Sports Interactive announces that it is officially launching a new In-Game Editor for Football Manager 2014 in order to give the most dedicated of fans more options to tweak their game experience on the fly.

The team explains in an official blog post that it “allows you to edit information while you are playing and can be used in Career Mode whether you’re starting a new game or loading up a saved one and without breaking the game. The In-Game Editor is not available in FMC as we felt that it doesn’t fit in with the philosophy of that mode.”

The new tool will cost players 4.49 Euro or 5.49 dollars and it will be added as a new spanner icon to the top toolbar of Football Manager 2014.

For players, the editor allow gamers to modify every aspect of their profiles starting with physical characteristics and ending with positions, contract information and biographies.

Sports Interactive adds, “You can use the In-Game Editor to make instant transfers too, so if you want to add a world class player or two to your team all you have to do is go to his profile and click ‘Move to my club’ on the In Game Editor dropdown menu.”

For clubs, the editor allows gamers to change reputation, fan levels, the stadium they play in, the tactical attributes and the financial outlook.

The tool can be seen as a way to cheat for those who want to make smaller teams powerful or inject much needed cash into a struggling big club.

But most of the hardcore fans of Football Manager 2014 will probably use its extensive power to simply correct elements of the game that do not fit in with the world they are imagining.

We have a Softpedia review for FM 2014 that explains more about the game’s mechanics.

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