FIFA 14 and FIFA Ultimate Team 14 Offline for Maintenance Today, December 17

The online services are going down for about four hours later today

Electronic Arts has just confirmed that it's going to take down all the online modes of FIFA 14, including FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, today, December 17, in order to do some maintenance and fix quite a few problems affecting the football simulator.

FIFA 14 came out back in September for PC, PS3, or Xbox 360, and reached the PS4 and Xbox One next-gen consoles in November.

Developer EA Sports has kept on launching different patches for the game since then, and now it's confirmed that maintenance for the title's online modes will take place today, December 17.

As such, for about 2 to 4 hours, all modes will be offline, so check out the actual time estimates below, via the official forums.

FUT Maintenance – approx. 4hrs - 1am-5am PT (9am – 1pm UK)

FIFA 14 Maintenance – approx. 2hrs – 1am – 3am PT (9am – 11am UK)

Quite a few things will be addressed by this maintenance period, ranging from the EA Sports Football Club to the FIFA Ultimate Team and much more. Check out the full list below.

In EA SPORTS Football Club:

• Increase to EA SPORTS Football Club Credits that are earned from playing matches in select modes from 50 FCC to 150 FCC (FIFA 14 – X360/PS3/PC/XB1/PS4).

• Presentation fixes to EAS FC Alerts (FIFA 14 – X360/PS3/PC/XB1/PS4).

In FIFA Ultimate Team:

• Fixes to in-game pop up messaging in FUT (FIFA 14 – X360/PS3/PC).

• Presentation fixes to Friends News, Leaderboards, and Friends List in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT Web).

• Presentation fixes to EA SPORTS Football Club Alerts in the Mobile Companion App (EAS FC Comp App) and EAS FC Widget within FIFA Ultimate Team (FIFA 14 – X360/XB1).

• Stability fixes when FUT fans are looking at an item in the Transfer Market and the item expires (FIFA 14 – X360/PS3/PC/XB1/PS4).

Expect EA to continue these maintenance periods, as FIFA 14 players are still reporting quite a few problems with the soccer simulator.

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