FIFA 14 Wants to Outperform Call of Duty

The game has to find a bigger audience to innovate

The development team at EA Sports is no longer satisfied with ruling over the sports simulation landscape and wants to see the upcoming FIFA 14 grab a larger market share than the Call of Duty series from Activision.

Sebastian Enrique, a producer working on the game, tells MCV that, “I respect Konami a lot and they produce good games. A lot of people have played their games for ages. I think having competition is a good thing but we don't consider competition to just be Pro Evolution Soccer. Call of Duty is also competition.”

Traditionally, the FIFA series was locked in a tough sales-driven competition with Pro Evolution Soccer, but during the last few years, the Konami title has failed to generate the same level of excitement.

Enrigue adds, “People that are playing Call of Duty are not playing FIFA. We want them to play FIFA and we achieve that by creating the best possible game that we can create. That's what we focus on.”

Call of Duty is best known for its complex multiplayer and FIFA will have to increase the appeal of its competitive modes in order to attract the same crowd.

EA Sports has suggested that it is working on a new and mysterious social multiplayer mode.

FIFA 14 will be delivered on the PC, the PlayStation 3 from Sony and the Xbox 360 from Microsoft, but Electronic Arts has also mentioned that other platforms might be announced at a later date.

Release date is currently unknown, but the game will probably be available near the end of September.

FIFA 14 is set to introduce new features like Pure Shot, Protect the Ball and Real Ball Physics, all of them designed to allow capable players to have more options on the pitch and deliver an increase in the spectacle level.

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