FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Back Online After Players Tried to Manipulate Coins

EA was forced to take the whole mode offline in order to fix some exploits

FIFA 13's Ultimate Team mode is back online as Electronic Arts' Sports division was forced to take it down after a group of players tried to gain an unfair advantage by manipulating coins in the marketplace.

FIFA 13 sold millions of copies all around the world across many platforms since its release in late September.

While lots of people enjoyed its top notch soccer (football) simulation, many also got it simply to experience the FIFA Ultimate Team mode, which allows them to create their own virtual teams and play against others all around the world.

This service, however, has been at the center of quite a few issues, as lots of players tried to gain the upper hand by using exploits and glitches in their favor.

EA has tried to keep the whole system as secure as possible and this meant quite a lot of maintenance periods in which it patched things up.

The latest offline period started yesterday and has just ended, as EA has now confirmed on its forums that the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team mode is back online.

Apparently, the maintenance period was prompted by a group of players who tried to manipulate their amounts of coins.

"FIFA 13: Ultimate Team is back up and running. Earlier this week, a very small number of users attempted to gain an unfair advantage by manipulating coins. To ensure a fair economy for all our users we decided to take FUT offline in order to restore a level playing field," EA said.

The company also emphasized that it takes such things seriously so users need to respect the rules and play fairly in the Ultimate Team.

"We take issues like this very seriously. Permanent bans for FIFA 13 have been served to all users who attempted to gain an unfair advantage. We would like to thank you, the community, for your patience during the downtime. We'll continue to maintain the best experience for all fans of FIFA 13: Ultimate Team."

Are you happy with EA's prompt reaction to glitches and exploits in the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team or do you think the company should have built a more secure system in the first place?

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