FIFA 13 Is the Most Accessible Game for Disabled Players of 2012

The runner-ups include Color Bind and XCOM: Enemy Unknown

The organization Able Gamers, which caters to those players who have to deal with a disability, has awarded FIFA 13 from EA Sports with the title of most accessible video game of 2012, for the extended ways in which it makes customization a core gameplay element.

This means that the variety of options the development team has included in FIFA 13 allows a wide variety of disabled gamers to enjoy the football simulation experience in their own terms.

The biggest advantage of FIFA 13 over other titles launched in 2012 is that the entire structure of the game can be changed via the options menu in order to suit almost all players, with core elements like game speed and Artificial Intelligence adaptability under full control of the gamer.

Video games tend to be calibrated with a mainstream audience in mind, but many companies have in the last few years added options that allow disabled fans to enjoy their products with relative ease.

The official announcement from Able Gamers reads: “Features including remappable keys, customizable color options, high contrast and intuitive menus, visual cues for all audio input and high socializing replayability tipped the scales in favor of the English football game.”

Able Gamers has also named two runner-ups: Color Bind and XCOM: Enemy Unknown, from Firaxis.

The organization adds that XCOM “beat FIFA 13’s score by 0.1 in our accessibility review database. Scoring an almost unheard of perfect 10, XCOM features fully remappable keys, the ability to play with the keyboard or only the mouse, impeccable subtitles and colorblind awareness.”

FIFA 13 is one of the best-selling video games of 2012 and represents yet another significant update for the long-running simulation series.

The game makes unpredictability one of the main elements of the experiences and improves all aspects of the series, from the Career Mode to the Ultimate Team option for multiplayer.

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