FIFA 09 Gets New Commentary Packs

Enhances the feeling of the game

FIFA 09 is the latest installment in the most popular sports game made by Electronic Arts. The company is really trying to make this year’s FIFA extra special, as EA Sports is fighting hard to hold off a determined challenge from the Konami developed Pro Evolution Soccer 2009, which has managed to get good sales, especially in Europe.

EA Sports says that all those who have the game will now be able to download, free of charge, 14 new commentary packs, each for a country where the game is very popular. Users only need to head to the PlayStation Network or to the Xbox Live in order to get the new content. Here are the languages and the commentators featured: English - Andy Gray Martin Tyler; French - Herve Mathoux Franck Sauzee; Italian - Giuseppe Bergomi Fabio Caressa; German - Tom Bayer Sebastian Hellman; Spanish - Paco Gonzalez Manolo Lama; Mexico - Perro Bermudez Ricardo Pelaez; Dutch - Youri Mulder Evert Ten Napel; Portuguese David Carvalho Helder Conduto; Hungarian - Richard Farago; Istvan B. Haju; Russian - Yuri Rozanov Vasily Solojov; Swedish - Glenn Hysen Henrik Stromblad; Czech - Bosak Jaromir Petr Sveceny; Polish - Włodzimierz Szaranowicz Dariusz Szpakowski; Brazilian Portuguese - Paulo Vinicius Coelho Nivaldo Prieto.

EA Sports is offering a paid pack for the game, also on the PSN and on the Xbox Live. You can get comments from Andy Townsend and Clive Tyldesley for 4.99 dollars if the free packs are not enough for you.

Recently, Peter Moore, the head of EA Sports, said that some of the games in the company's line up had been too hard and that they would concentrate on creating more content for each game rather than launching a new version of each series every year. There's an ongoing effort to create services, like Adidas Live Season, that update the stats of players as the season goes on in order to generate gameplay situations which are close to real world ones.

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