FCC Chief Demands That Planes Stop Ordering Gadgets Off

People in high places are dissatisfied with the customs of airways

Everyone who's ever flown an airplane knows that all electronics, especially those that transmit wireless waves (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) need to be turned off during take-off and landing.

Even the so-called “flight mode” that some gadgets can enter doesn't spare owners from having to comply with this demand.

Some people don't see a problem, or at least don't feel that the 10-20 minutes of their ride is a reason to fuss over.

Others, however, want to be allowed to use their tablets, phones and other gadgets without interruption.

It turns out that the FCC boss Julius Genachowski is one of the latter. He even went as far as to demand (politely) that the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) get on with its rule review and allow greater use of such devices as soon as possible.

The FCC chief would have probably not entered the field if FAA didn't have a problem with voice communications during flights.

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