FBI Questions Iowa Woman about LulzSec Hackers

A 29-year-old woman from Iowa had her home raided by the FBI and was questioned in connection with an investigation into attacks carried out by former LulzSec members.

According to Gawker, Laurelai Bailey, from Davenport, Iowa, was paid a visit by the FBI last Thursday. In addition to executing a search warrant, the agents were there to ask her about hackers who broke into HBGary earlier this year.

Bailey was a person of interest because she hung out in an IRC channel where hackers discussed the attack as it was happening. She later leaked the logs from that chat room, becoming their enemy.

That's why when she was proposed to infiltrate the hacker group, she said that such a plan wouldn't work. However, the request itself suggests the FBI is looking for and probably already has informants inside Anonymous.

Last weekend, the LulzSec hacking outfit, believed to be formed by many of the same people responsible for the HBGary hack, disbanded and merged into Anonymous.

Observers claim that this was done to shake off the heat from law enforcement agencies, however, if the FBI has informants among Anonymous' high-ranking members, the hackers might be more exposed themselves even more.

Bailey, who claims to have lost her tech support job after being outed online by LulzSec, said that the FBI was very interested in one hacker known as Kayla.

According to various reports, Kayla was instrumental in the attack against HBGary by socially engineering a server administrator. Some say that she is a 16-year-old girl, while others claim that a 20-year-old guy from New Jersey is hiding behind the moniker.

The hacker is believed to be one of the six LulzSec members, but according to some, Kayla disappeared last week. He or she is believed to be either in hiding or in the custody of law enforcement.

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