FBI Investigates Federal Reserve Hack Reuters

The organization is confident that critical operations haven't been affected

Earlier this week, the US Federal Reserve admitted that Anonymous hackers had managed to breach the Emergency Communication System (ECS) website, which provided bank contact information in case of disasters. 

On Thursday, the organization’s representatives told Reuters that the FBI had been called in to investigate the incident that exposed the details of over 4,000 bank executives.

A Federal Reserve spokesman has revealed that they’re in the process of determining the precise extent of the damage caused by the hackers. However, they’re confident that critical operations have not been affected.

On the other hand, experts have slammed the Fed’s earlier statements in which it said that no passwords had been compromised during the incident.

Many of those who have analyzed the data leak have explained that password hashes and salts were present.

In the meantime, everyone is curious to see what will be the hacktivists’ next target in the campaign dubbed OpLastResort.

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