FBI Employees Caught Downloading “The Good Wife” via BitTorrent

Other movies and TV shows have also been downloaded from IPs associated with the agency

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) says that online piracy is the modern version of “an age-old crime,” more precisely, stealing. 

While the Bureau takes the theft of intellectual property very seriously, it appears that some of the agency’s employees are also in the habit of using BitTorrent sites to download movies and TV shows.

TorrentFreak has used the services offered by ScanEye to determine that IP addresses associated with the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division have downloaded movies such as “The girl who played with fire” and episodes of TV shows “The good wife,” “Homeland,” Home and Away” and “Boss.”

While it’s possible that the content has been downloaded as part of an investigation, this theory is less likely because the downloads are spread out over several months.

The more likely scenario is that some of the agency’s employees have downloaded the movies and the TV shows for their own entertainment.

After all, this wouldn’t be the first time when a state organization was caught downloading illegal content from torrent sites.

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