FBI Agent Pursuing Petraeus Sends Shirtless Photo as a Joke

See the picture that started controversy about the agent’s relationship with Jill Kelley

Investigator Frederick W. Humphries is the FBI Agent that uncovered the PetraeusBroadwell affair, eventually causing the CIA Director's resignation.

47-year-old Humphries' connection to the woman who lodged the initial cyberstalking complaint, Jill Kelley, has been one big, exaggerated mystery to this point.

As the infamous picture is revealed, it doesn't look so romantic to me. In fact, the agent explains he did not only send it to Kelley, but to a number of co-workers and friends, including his boss and his wife, according to Seattle Times.

He emailed the picture in the fall of 2010, after having been transferred to Tampa from Guantánamo Bay, and he just happened to have Kelley, a liaison for the Air Force Base, on his mailing list.

Although he has been painted as a desperate, jealous stalker of “Tampa Kardashian” Jill Kelley, it turns out he only sent the picture as a “dumb joke,” one of the many he is known to have made.

The agent sits between two target dummies, having just finished target practice. The punchline, and the subject of the email, was “Which one is Fred?”

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