ExtraTorrent, BitSnoop, Torrentz.eu, and FilesTube to Be Blocked in the UK on October 30

The sites have been deemed "illegal" by the RIAA, who now gets to choose whom to censor

Quite a few pirate sites are already blocked in the UK, but the entertainment industry is not satisfied. It's adding new names to the block lists on a constant basis. The fact that the UK courts have streamlined the process to the point that blocking a new site just involves filing some papers helps with this.

The latest sites to be blocked, starting tomorrow, October 30, have been revealed by a RIAA filing with the Office of the US Trade Representative, uncovered by TorrentFreak. The report is similar to the MPAA one, which listed the biggest BitTorrent, cyberlocker, and streaming sites in the world.

But the RIAA had some interesting information in there as well, like the names of the next BitTorrent sites to be blocked in the UK. ExtraTorrents will be blocked, though that should come as no surprise.

The site has already been the target of an abusive action by the City of London Police, which tried and almost succeeded in seizing the site's domain name.

ExtraTorrent managed to retain the rights to its domain, but it won't be able to escape being blocked at the ISP level across the UK. Granted, there are numerous solutions to bypassing the block, like web proxies, VPNs, and so on.

BitSnoop will follow ExtraTorrent and will be blocked by ISPs in the UK starting tomorrow. The site is ranked by TorrentFreak as the eighth largest BitTorrent indexer on the web. Finally, Torrentz.eu, the popular BitTorrent meta search site, is also being targeted by the RIAA and will become inaccessible in Britain.

On the cyberlocker side, FilesTube is the biggest site to be blocked next. Like Torrentz.eu, it's a meta search engine and allows users to search for files hosted by other sites. Still, it's been deemed illegal by the RIAA, so it's being censored.

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