External Blu-ray Player Launched by I-O Data

Though it lacks USB 3.0 support, it has all it needs in order to do what it has to

The list of external and/or portable optical disk drives available to consumers around the world is already quite extensive, but I-O Data doesn't mind adding a new one.

Out comes the BRP-U6DM2, a decent but not really extraordinary piece of equipment.

It is actually surprisingly heavy, at 630 grams. The size is expected though. Anything much smaller than 137 x 154 x 20 mm (5.39 x 6.06 x 0.78 inches) and there would have been no way to fit disks in it.

The USB 2.0 connectivity is used to set the link between the ODD and a PC. It may not be the fastest ever, but it does, at least, provide the disk drive with all the energy it needs to work.

The built-in cable can be tucked in the cut-out located at the back.

DVDs, CDs and Blu-ray disks can be written at various speeds.

I-O Data's BRP-U6DM2 will ship from December onwards for $178 / 137 – 178 Euro.

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