External Battery Can Add 4.5 Hours to a Laptop’s Battery Life

Notebooks are getting good at stretching battery life, but this will add some insurance

Regardless of how energy-efficient a device is and how much time has to pass before the battery dies, there is always the possibility of it happening at an inopportune moment. Japan Trust Technology is addressing that possibility.

So far revealed only in Japan, the Energizer XP14000 mobile battery, made in collaboration with Energizer, should sell for around 15,800 Yen / ~$194 / €153.

Capable of producing 19V/3A, the 14,000mAh battery pack has six different kinds of energy input connections (AC plugs), plus 5V/1A and 5V/2.1A output USB ports.

Thus, not only can laptops be provided with electricity in a pinch, but tablets and smartphones can be recharged as well, just like 3DS and PSP portable game consoles can.

All things considered, this is a decent feat for an item that weighs 375 grams / 0.82 pounds and measures 155 x 98 x 23mm / 6.10 x 3.85 x 0.90 (width x length x height).

The battery pack should be able to completely recharge smaller devices, multiple times. Notebooks will be trickier to manage.

For a general idea of the effectiveness, a netbook based on an Atom CPU from Intel should gain 4.5 hours of extra life, under moderate usage conditions.

That suggests that higher-end notebooks will only squeeze one or two hours, but even that could be enough to live through those extra miles during train or plane travel.

Japan Trust Technology and Energizer should start sales soon, if they haven't already, and customers will be allowed to order optional 12, 15, or 16V voltage converter cables if 19V/3A isn't suited to their needs.

Anyone looking for something smaller, albeit only suited for phones and other small gadgets, may want to check out these Sony batteries.

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