Extended Aromatherapy May Affect the Heart, Scientists Warn

Other aromatherapy adverse effects were revealed in the past

Aromatherapy procedures act as a stress reliever when correctly timed, but when performed for too long, they can cause heart disorders, Taiwan scientists suggest in new study.

The research shows that breathing the vapor of essential oils for more than two hours causes a significant raise of the blood pressure level and the heart rate, an effect contrary to the one commonly attributed to aromatherapy.

“These findings suggest that overexposure to essential oil might be harmful to cardiovascular health,” study leaders declared, as cited by Live Science.

Other adverse effects of aromatherapy, such as an increased asthma risk, alteration of nervous system activity or enhancement of body inflammations, have been revealed by previous studies.

Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine consisting of inhaling vapors of volatile organic compounds, meant to generate a sense of body and mind relaxation.

Its popularity has increased considerably in the past years, but experts have made strong objections against it in time. Whether their objections are justified or not, if you use the procedure, do it wisely.

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