Exploitation of Privileged Access Points: Common Vector for High-Profile Attacks

Cyber-Ark reveals the common element of Subway, Saudi Aramco and Flame attacks

A study performed by information security firm Cyber-Ark labs reveals that, in most of the recent high-profile cyberattacks, the common attack vector is the exploitation of privileged access points.

These privileged access points usually consist of administrative or privileged accounts, application backdoors, and hardcoded or default passwords.

In recent months, privileged access points have been utilized in the Flame attacks, and the ones against companies such as Saudi Aramco and Subway.

Adam Bosnian, executive vice president Americas of Cyber-Ark Software, explains that cybercriminals are well aware of the power and wide ranging access provided by these access points, which is the main reason why future attacks will also target them.

“Unsecured critical access points are a threat to all sensitive corporate data and systems and represent the greatest security challenge most businesses will face. Identifying all privileged access points and locking them down should be a priority for any security and compliance conscious executive,” Bosnian said.

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