Experts Warn Botox at an Early Age Could Make You Look Older

There’s a new beauty trend around and younger women are jumping on the bandwagon

Celebrities are making Botox way too fashionable. In an industry where looks are everything, male and female stars are pressured to fight back time and, as it happens, also be very candid about it. This is making women as young as 19 believe it’s ok to get Botox and fillers.

While the idea behind Botox is to freeze the muscles that cause wrinkles and, this way, make the wrinkles go away, not few are the surgeons who don’t back down from injecting women in their 20s.

In doing so, they’re actually ignoring the fact that the women they’re giving Botox to don’t even have wrinkles to begin with.

Moreover, they’re telling patients that, with Botox, the sooner you start the better, the Daily Mail writes.

The contrary might actually happen, Dr. Darren McKeown, whom we also interviewed a few years back, says for the Mail.

“At best, it’s a waste of money; at worst, there’s potential to make people look older in the long term. One complication of Botox is muscle atrophy, where muscles begin to waste away if they’re not used for a period of time. In younger women, the effects can be quite significant,” he says.

“As the muscle thins around the eyes, you lose volume and padding and can end up seeing the outlines of bones. This can result in an aged appearance,” Dr. McKeown adds.

In other words, women looking to literally stop time might be unknowingly making themselves look older.

Dr. McKeown too believes this obsession with Botox and fillers is deeply rooted in our celebrity culture.

“I’ve had women as young as 19 ask me for Botox. There is no way anyone of that age needs Botox, but they see Katie Price and other celebrities having it, and it’s seen as just the same as carrying around the latest designer handbag,” he says.

“While older people think the Botox look appears weird and unnatural, young women see this look as fashionable and desirable,” Dr. McKeown adds.

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