Experts Warn About Bogus Skype Websites That Ask Money for Free Software

Why should you pay $9.9 for a piece of software that’s free?

Experts from GFI Labs have come across a bogus Skype website ( The site offers links to applications, but their services are not free, despite the fact that some of the software they provide is freeware.

Users who want to download software from this site are required to register on and sign up in order to get the Skype download link. The sign-up fee is $9.9 (€7) and is non-refundable.

Fortunately, the site has been taken down, but users should still be cautious since the scammers can easily change the domain and re-initiate the scheme.

Word of advice: never pay for software that’s free and always try to download applications only from trusted websites.

If you want to download a legitimate copy of Skype for free, you can get it from the official website or from Softpedia.

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