Experts Find Ransomware That Works on Windows 8

Trojan.Ransomlock.U has no problem in locking the screen of computers that run the new OS

Ransomware has become a serious issue for Windows users and researchers believe that the cybercriminals who operate such pieces of malware can make over $5 million (3.9 million EUR) each year. Now, Symantec has identified a variant that even works on Windows 8.

Symantec experts have tested several ransomware samples to see how well they work on Windows 8. Some of the threats haven't manage to lock up the infected computers and hold them for ransom, but Trojan.Ransomlock.U has no problem accomplishing the task.

Trojan.Ransomlock.U is designed to display the ransom message based on the victim’s location and researchers reveal that this feature works without any problems on Windows 8.

Users are advised to be careful what sites they visit and what links they click on even if they’re utilizing Microsoft’s latest operating system.

Last week, Bitdefender released the results of a study which showed that without third-party security products, 15% of malware was able to bypass Windows 8’s integrated defenses, even if Windows Defender was active.

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