Experts Drown the Myth of Eco-Friendly Showers

Recent study shows that power showers use more water and energy to keep us clean

A recent study dismisses the theory stating that showers represent a cost-effective, eco-friendly option of preserving water in our own bathrooms. Apparently, high-pressure showers take more money out of our pockets than the seemingly wasteful baths, blamed for such a long time.

In order to prove this statement, researchers analyzed the water consumption of 100 households, investigating the efficiency of up to 2,600 showers, reports the Independent.

Their findings tear the green shower myth apart, stating that while an average bath uses 80 litres of water, a shower can be thirsty for much more, up to 136 liters.

It is now a fact: high-pressure showers rely on a much more amount of water than a common bath and occupy a considerable segment of the market, up to 20%.

The impact of our choices upon the environment becomes visible when we take into consideration that the energy involved in water heating triggers 5% of the total amount of CO2 emissions in UK. Moreover, it represents up to one quarter of our entire energy bill.

Energy and water preservation have to go hand in hand, since our needs and expectations have significantly increased within a few decades.

If in 1970 we were able to get by consuming only 30 liters of tap water every day, we have definitely become more demanding and not necessarily cleaner at this point in time.

The study shows an average British person has no problem in wasting approximately 150 liters of tap water on a daily basis, five times more than what we settled for four decades ago.

Experts say that natural resources will soon reach their limits and water makes no exception. Even if it is obvious that high-pressure showers are one of our worst enemies, spending less time in the bath tub will definitely solve the problem, keeping our budget intact and all the water preservation experts thrilled.

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