Experts: Don’t Use Multiple Antivirus Solutions on Your Computer

Here are three main reasons why you shouldn't install more than one antivirus

Hopefully, the importance of using an antivirus solution is clear for most Internet users. However, experts warn that the use of multiple antivirus programs is not recommended.

When it comes to fighting viruses and other malware, being heavily armed is not the most effective way to protect yourself.

As Kaspersky experts highlight, there are three main reasons why you shouldn’t simultaneously run multiple antivirus programs on your computer.

First of all, they will turn on each other. Since modern antivirus solutions are always sending information about your system, another security solution might see it as a piece of malware, and it will try to block it and remove it.

Secondly, if a threat is detected, one of the antiviruses will quarantine it. In the meantime, the other one will continue to detect the malware, despite being quarantined. This means that the user will be constantly nagged about a threat that’s not really a threat.

Finally, antivirus solutions can eat up a lot of resources, particularly when scanning the computer or when performing other tasks. Two antiviruses scanning a system at the same time can significantly slow down a computer, or even block it altogether.

In order to avoid such incidents, take a piece of advice from Kaspersky’s Serge Malenkovich:

“When it comes to protecting your computer, more protection is not better. Take some time to do the research and choose one comprehensive antivirus suite that has been independently tested to combat the latest known malware programs and that will singlehandedly arm your system to the teeth to protect it against every type of threat.”

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