Experienced Windows Users Confused by Windows 8

Windows 8 doesn’t seem to be such a user-friendly OS after all

Windows 8 is considered one of the most intuitive Windows versions ever released, but a study conducted by UK design firm Foolproof revealed that its new GUI is rather confusing for most users.

It seems that those who are already familiar with the Windows operating system are also affected by the major changes adopted by Windows 8, as the study involved a total of 14 so-called “experienced users with Windows.”

“In sessions lasting from 20 to 30 minutes, we asked them to perform basic tasks such as browsing websites, using social media, sending emails and viewing photos,” the company said.

The findings are rather discouraging for all those who want to buy a Windows 8 copy.

Most users were confused on how to launch Internet Explorer 10, while some couldn’t find the new Charms bar. Others could not find the hot corner that revealed the app switcher, Foolproof said.

“I feel like a baby again. I can’t do anything, not even my very simple list of things like launch Internet Explorer, type in the address, open something in a tab and go to that tab and read it,” one of the participants explained.

It appears that the Start Screen remains the number one problem in Windows 8, as some of the “experienced users” had difficulties in dealing with the live tiles.

“So you’re going to have to launch one app in order to launch another. You’re just going to confuse people,” one of them explained.

Steve Ballmer on the other hand said during the Windows 8 launch event that Microsoft’s new operating system is the most advanced Windows ever, as it combines the best of multiple worlds, including tablets and desktop computers.

It remains to be seen however whether end-users really find the new operating system confusing, or it’s just the same avalanche of biting reviews Windows had to deal with for years.

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