Expanded Tweets, Revamped Search and #Pages "Ported" to Mobile Twitter

All of these features debuted on the web first and are now being integrated into the apps

Twitter is introducing some of the improvements it recently debuted on its site to mobile app users. Twitter has launched three big features in the past couple of months or so.

Hashtag pages are exactly what they sound like, places where tweets about a particular subject are grouped. Unlike with regular hashtags, these pages are curated, so only relevant tweets get in.

A smaller feature introduced recently is expanded tweets which contain more information within the 140 characters. This may mean more photos, a news article excerpt, videos and so on.

Finally, Twitter introduced a massively improved search engine. All of these features are now available to mobile users.

"Starting today, you can also expand Tweets on Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for Android. When you tap a Tweet linking to a Kickstarter project, for example, you can play its video directly from the Tweet details view in your app," Twitter explained one of the new features.

"You can also read article summaries when you tap Tweets linking to sources like The Atlantic or play videos or view images when you expand Tweets linking to websites like Etsy and Vimeo," it said. These additions are also coming to the Twitter website and you can expect more partners to be included in time.

People already spend a lot of time on Twitter as supplements to watching a live event on TV. Twitter is making it even easier with the introduction of hashtag pages for the mobile app. If you're a NASCAR fan for example, you'll be able to follow tweets from drivers, celebrities and other people connected to the sport, via the curated page, during the races.

The search autocomplete feature is landing in the mobile apps as well, Twitter just revamped its search engine and smarter autocomplete was one of the big new features.

Finally, Twitter is introducing per-user push notifications. You can now enable push notifications for just the people you want to follow wherever you are. This way, you won't get swamped with notifications every time someone you follow tweets, but you won't miss out on the important messages either.

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