Exclusive Xbox 360 Bundle with 5 Installed Games Coming to Canada

Canadian gamers will be on the receiving end of a brand new Xbox 360 bundle this week, as Microsoft confirmed that a special edition of the console will come with 5 pre-installed games on its 250GB hard drive.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 offers a lot of bang for the bucks of customers, at least according to the company itself, which recently proclaimed that a price cut isn't needed to match the current pricing of the PlayStation 3.

Still, the company is trying to win over new customers and, in order to make its $299 console more attractive, it has confirmed a new bundle that will arrive exclusively for Canadian gamers.

The first report of the special offer arrived as a rumor from an employee of a game store, and Microsoft quickly confirmed, via Shacknews, that a limited edition Xbox 360 with five pre-installed games will be put on sale this week in the country.

“Starting this week Canadians looking for great value on an Xbox 360 can find a bundle that includes a 250GB Xbox 360 console plus download codes for 5 full games all for $299.99 CDN ERP. If you don’t already own an Xbox 360, this is a great way to jump in with an amazing collection of games to start your library.”

The five games already installed on the hard drive of the console are Alan Wake, Gears of War 2, Halo 3, Fable 3 and Halo Wars, which occupy, in total, almost 30GB of space. This is a pretty great deal, however, as they're practically offered at no extra price for the user.

Shacknews also highlights that this isn't the already traditional holiday bundle, as Microsoft will deploy another special offer closer to the start of the winter holidays. Still, considering that five great games are currently packaged with the best Xbox 360 version, this bundle is sure to attract quite a lot of people.

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