Exclusive: Opera 11.63 Confirmed as Mac-Only Update

Mac App Store release fixes customization problems for OS X customers

Opera Software has contacted Softpedia to clarify that yesterday’s 11.63 update was, indeed, a Mac-exclusive release, contrary to our belief that Apple had prematurely flipped the switch, making this release available for Mac users ahead of Windows and Linux customers.

Opera’s Daniel Aleksandersen tells us that Opera 11.62 exhibited an upgrade issue for App Store users which 11.63 now resolves.

“A small number of users who downloaded Opera through Apple's Mac App Store and who have recently upgraded their version of Opera have risked loosing [sic] their customizations, such as bookmarks, Speed Dials, etc.”, Aleksandersen explains.

Customers who run versions of OS X older than 10.7 or have installed Opera through opera.com remain unaffected by this problem.

“While this only affects a small subset of our userbase, we are deeply sorry for the inconvenience this has caused,” Opera’s PR folks said.

“But now we have fixed the issue. We submitted Opera 11.63 exclusively for the App Store approval process. People who upgrade to this version will see their customizations restored, just like before they upgraded to Opera 11.62,” Aleksandersen clarifies.

Opera tells us that the upgrade problem to Opera 11.62 was caused by the company’s build system being configured for the upcoming version Opera 12.

For several technical reasons, this caused the installer system to create a new profile for the upgrading user. This had the effect of hiding all configurations and customizations.

“We've now resolved this and users who upgrade to Opera 11.63 will see everything back the way it was. We have also made arrangements to avoid similar problems in the future,” Opera said.

The Norwegian software vendor recommends that fans of the Opera web browser use Opera Link, the firm’s synchronization service.

“This helps ensure your configurations will remain intact even in the event of a software or hardware error,” Opera said.

Those who haven’t yet updated to the new Opera 11.63 can do so by accessing the link below.

Download Opera 11.63 for Mac OS X

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