Exclusive Interview: Cosmo of UGNazi Talks About the Arrests

The hacker claims that The Jester didn't have anything to do with the FBI investigation

A few days ago, the FBI made public the results of a two-year investigation that targeted credit card fraudsters. Two of the ones arrested were Mir Islam, the leader of the UGNazi collective, and Cosmo, another member of the group whose identity had not been revealed due to the fact that he is still a minor.

After being released, we managed to have a short talk with Cosmo on the arrests, the charges, but also The Jester’s involvement in the whole thing.

Softpedia: What can you tell us?

Cosmo: I don’t have much on Josh, other than he appeared to court on the 26th and got out on 50k bail. I believe he’s just being charged with wire fraud as of now.

I was arrested in Long Beach, California, and spent 2 days in a juvenile detention center and was released on the 28th. I will be appearing in court on July 25th.

Softpedia: This is the third time you are arrested. Do you think you'll get off the hook this time?

Cosmo: No, I am actually on trial this time.

Softpedia: How did you get arrested? What led to your arrest?

Cosmo: That I do not know, it was Tuesday morning around 8:30 am and I had agents and police at my front door. I was handcuffed while they searched my house, then questioned, then taken to jail

But, th3j35t3r had nothing to do with our arrests.

Softpedia: How come you're so sure that The Jester had nothing to do with it?

Cosmo: It was a FBI operation for 2 years, even the feds were laughing about Jester taking credit. Same thing with Dana White, he had nothing to do with our arrests either.

Softpedia: Were you and Josh the only ones arrested from the team?

Cosmo: Yes.

Softpedia: What are you accused of?

Cosmo: A lot. Identity theft, forgery, fraud, unauthorized access to a network or server. I was given Penal Codes for the charges.

Softpedia: Were you in with Josh on the carding thing or are these charges related to the hacks?

Cosmo: I never went near carding, but somehow I’m being charged with card fraud.

Softpedia: Was Josh really involved in carding?

Cosmo: Yeah, he had his own forum for carding.

Softpedia: How come authorities didn't go after other members of UGNazi?

Cosmo: I’m not sure. Josh and I were the main members.

Softpedia: Hasn't the FBI asked you to reveal the identities of other members?

Cosmo: I wouldn’t give that information up to them. They asked about them, not specifically their identities .

Softpedia: What do you plan on doing? What does Josh plan on doing?

Cosmo: We aren’t allowed to contact each other so I don’t know what he’s doing. I have a very good lawyer and look forward to court on the 25th of this month.

Softpedia: Do you have anything else you want to add?

Cosmo: Nothing else other than I’ll be appearing in court on July 25th at Long Beach Superior Court, 415 W Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90802.

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