Exceleram Meets Overclockers' Needs With 8 New Memory Kits

While some companies like to stir awe by unleashing one massively powerful memory product at a time, Exceleram decided to cause more than one set of ripples by releasing not one or two, but eight memory kits.

In order to address the needs of a wide variety of consumers, Exceleram had its new line of kits cover a wide range of frequencies, voltages and capacities.

Four of the newcomers are dual-channel kits, while the remaining four are triple-channel, though they are also possible to classify according to a second criteria.

Basically, there are four value-oriented kits, while the others are built stronger, so as to be more fit for overclocking tasks and, thus, enthusiasts.

The more affordable models, market by the blue heatsink, are two dual-channel and two triple channel kits of 4 GB and 6 GB, respectively.

The 4 GB BlueCulvert kits (2 x 2GB) are the EB3120A (1,600 MHz) and EB3117A (1,333 MHz), while the triple-channel 6 GB ones (3 x 2 GB) are the 1,600 MHz EB3121A and the 1,333 MHz EB3118A.

The 1,333 MHz kits have latencies of 7-7-7-21 and consume 1.50 V, while the others work at 7-8-7-24 and on 1.65 V.

The mightier RedCulvert kits are also divided into two pairs, though they all consume 1.65 V and have a clock of 1,600 MHz.

What sets the 2 x 2GB EB3102A and 3 x 2 GB EB3103A apart from the remaining two RedCulvert members (the 4 GB EB3100A and the 6 GB EB3104A) is their latency of 6-8-7-24 instead of 6-9-8-24.

“We act on the suggestions from many customers with this step,” reportedly said Torsten Düker, CEO of Exceleram.

The newcomers are supposedly on track to reach stores soon but, unfortunately, their prices have not actually been disclosed, so end-users will still have to wait before finding out just how wide a consumer base they are accessible to.

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