Ex-Wife Makes Divorce Payment in Pennies, Gets Revenge

She paid out $50.12 (€37.5) in coin\s, had them delivered

There is nothing that makes people pettier and more enraged at their once loved ones than divorce.

Redditor mestisnewfound posted a photo of how his wife paid out what she was ordered to after their divorce settlement.

"So my divorced finalized last week, the courts ordered my ex wife to give me $50.12 (€37.5). This is how she delivered it,” he writes.

She handed the money over in plastic boxes full of pennies. The containers were sent over by mail.

They not only had coins inside them, they were also filled with rice and beans. I don't know why this man's wife chose to fill them as she did, but I imagine that she was either referencing his cultural heritage or the fact that he was cheap.

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