Ex-Wife Drags Man Behind Truck for a Half a Mile in Florida

The women and 2 accomplices punched him and shocked him with a stun gun

54-year old Robert Hall of New Smyrna Beach, Florida, is recovering after being dragged by a truck for half a mile.

Hall's wife, 61-year old Jeanette Morris, tied him to the bumper of her truck and drove off with him, carrying him on a dirt road.

WFTV writes that Hall let her tie him up because she was threatening him with a stun gun. Hall was staying at Morris' residence, for the time he needed to repay a debt he had with her.

She went out of town and returned on Tuesday with a deputy, when she found out that Hall’s girlfriend was living with him, in her house. Apparently, she wanted him to leave the residence but could not force him to.

She told the deputy she would spend the night elsewhere, instead returned. Morris was joined by a 63-year-old man by the name of Harold Anderson and a third person.

The three attacked Hall, punching him and shocking him with the stun gun, before tying him to the pickup truck. The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office held all three in custody, in connection to the incident.

Hall managed to escape at one point, and ran to a neighbor's house asking for assistance.

“He's in his underwear, he's all bloody, he's got a rope around his neck. [...] He was claiming that somebody was trying to kill him and just about that time there was a pick up truck coming down the road,” the witness describes. He immediately called 911.

“I see a dude standing there, he's got hemorrhaging from his face, his mouths all busted up, he's got a rope around his neck,” Tyler Shevlin told reporters.

“He had no pants on. [...] His underwear, that's all he was in, and a T-shirt. His underwear was completely shredded. His back was bleeding. The back of his thighs were all bleeding,” he describes.

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