Ex Sues Shakira for Breaking Up with Him, Basically

Antonio de la Rua is asking for $100 million (€77.8 million) in damages

Shakira is now preparing to become a first-time mommy but, at the same time, she’s also facing some problems on the financial / legal front: her ex Antonio de la Rua has taken legal action against her for basically breaking up with him.

Fans of the singer know that Shakira and Antonio were also business partners, not just lovers. They broke up in 2010 after a little over a decade as lovers, vowing to remain friends and – you guessed it – business partners.

According to de la Rua, that last part never happened, ABC24 informs, citing a WENN report. She broke up with him and their business agreement went sour.

“However, the friendship now appears to have turned sour as de la Rua has filed a lawsuit in New York accusing his ex-girlfriend of breaking a promise to continue paying him a share of her business profits,” ABC24 says.

Moreover, Shakira fired de la Rua very soon after the breakup, thus breaking her promise of not letting her personal life interfere with her business decisions, he claims in court documents.

“De la Rua, son of former Argentine president Fernando de la Rua, has filed legal documents at Manhattan Supreme Court in New York City, claiming the singer asked him to take over ‘the business behind the Shakira brand’ and he went on to secure her a $300 million [€233.4 million] deal with tour promoters Live Nation,” the report further notes.

“He claims their business partnership continued for a year after their romantic relationship broke down, but he was fired in 2011” and she went on with another business partner, it is further said.

A rep for Shakira is yet to comment on the allegations made against her in court.

The singer is now dating Gerard Pique, with whom she’s expecting her first child. She confirmed the pregnancy on her Facebook page last September, but would not reveal any other details other than to say the two of them were extremely happy.

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