Ex Says MTV Is Turning Snooki into a Raging Alcoholic

She repeatedly promised she would curb her drinking but, so far, she’s shown no concrete signs of being even close to doing that. A recent video shows a very Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi dancing with a potted plant – and her ex-boyfriend is accusing MTV of turning her into an alcoholic.

Snooki is best known for her role on the reality show “Jersey Shore,” produced and aired by MTV. From the show, one may easily infer that one of her favorite activities – if not actually her all-time fave – is drinking.

TMZ obtained a video from the upcoming season of the reality series, showing Snooki so drunk she can barely stand and dancing with a potted plant. You can see it below, at the end of the article.

The e-zine reports that it all went down on Saturday, at a bar in Seaside Heights and that, indeed, Snooki wasn’t faking it, she was really that intoxicated.

Emilio Masella, who dated Snooki for a couple of months last year, has taken to his Twitter to lash out at MTV for allowing this to happen, saying the woman in the video is not the Nicole he knew back when they were together.

“The Vid on @tmz with Nicole Dancing with the plant, is a total embarrassment. I blame Production. They won’t learn till she hurts herself,” Emilio tweets.

“This is Disgusting. @MTV #JerseyShore is turning Nicole into an Alcoholic.They are killin her liver. That’s not the nicole I knew! Poor girl,” he adds, suggesting that, somehow, MTV is encouraging Snooki to drink this much because it helps bring in good ratings.

“Watchin this @TMZ vid again of Nicole, I just wonder how far Jersey Shore is willing to EXPLOIT their talent for Ratings & Money? Disgusted,” Emilio writes some hours after his first tweet on the topic.

He believes MTV is turning Nicole Snooki into “the next Anna Nicole Smith,” while also blaming the network and, implicitly, the show, for ruining his relationship with the diminutive reality star.

“@Tmz , MTV Doesn’t Give a [expletive] about Nicole ,They only care about SNOOKI, 2 different People. Jersey Shore destroyed my relationship,” he says.

Below is the video of Snooki taking a potted plant out for a dance. You can see why Emilio finds it embarrassing.

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