Evince 3.9.4 Comes with a Find Sidebar

This development release of Evince will be part of GNOME 3.9.4

The GNOME Project released a couple of days ago, July 8, the fourth development version of the Evince document viewer for the GNOME 3.9.4 desktop environment release.

So, what's new in Evince 3.9.4? Well, it adds a find sidebar that displays the search results with extra context, the Zoom selector has been moved to the right side of the main toolbar and Close to the other view options, and text selection has been implemented in the djvu backend.

A 'cursor-moved' signal has been added in Evince 3.9.4 to notify when the caret cursor has been moved, the offset is now kept inside a line when moving the caret between lines, the caret cursor is now placed at the beginning/end of the line when clicking outside the line, and keyboard-based text selection is now active when caret navigation is enabled.

Evince 3.9.4 also notifies about caret navigation errors using the error bell, sets the history button arrow icons according to locale's text direction, and brings various performance improvements when selecting text.

Some nasty bugs were squashed in Evince 3.9.4, such as the issue with selection of overlapping text, a crash that occurred when selecting more than one page, another crash related to infinite loop resolving hyphenations in find results sidebar.

Moreover, the care cursor will no longer appear when there are active selections, and when the view is not focused. Also, the selections are now cleared when the cursor is moved.

Last but not least, the following translations have been updated in this fourth development release of Evince: Norwegian Bokmal, Vietnamese and Kazakh. For more details, please check the official raw changelog.

Download Evince 3.9.4 right now from Softpedia. Remember that this is a development version and it should NOT be installed on production machines. It is intended for testing purposes only.

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