Evidence of Animal Cruelty, Racism and Substance Abuse Found at Bear Park

People working for a bear park in North Carolina are now accused of inappropriate behavior

According to the findings of an undercover investigation carried out by members of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), the staff at a bear park in North Carolina are guilty of both several misdemeanors and a series of felonies.

Said organization claims that, while looking into these people's treatment of animals and work ethics, they have found that the bear park's employees are in the habit of abusing the animals they are supposed to be looking after.

Apparently, the bears living at this park lack both food and proper veterinary care, which is why many of them display signs of distress and illness.

The animals are made to live in concrete pits and have very little space at their disposal, PETA further explains.

As well as this, PETA maintains that the park's staff tend to indulge in behaviors frowned upon by society and the ongoing legislation. Thus, they accused them of racism and substance abuse.

“A PETA undercover investigation has documented systemic neglect, deprivation, and abuse of bears. There is also evidence of an employee who called Native Americans 'long-distance corn n*****s' and the facility's manager, who admitted to a secret policy against hiring Native Americans,” reads the organization's press release on this issue.

One can only assume that filling in the blanks in the paragraph above is not a very difficult thing to do, seeing how the “n” word is one most people are all too familiar with.

“Add to that drug use by one employee, sexual harassment by another, and employees being paid cash under the table in violation of federal law, and you've got the picture at Chief Saunooke Bear Park,” PETA went on to add.

According to Huffington Post, PETA members are now doing their best in trying to shut down this park and move the abused animals to a sanctuary.

Employees of the United Stated Department of Agriculture are working closely with this organization.

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