Everything Wrong with “The Avengers” in 3 Minutes or Less

Biggest movie of the year was definitely not without sin, sentenced to Hell

By on December 19th, 2012 15:16 GMT

CinemaSins has done it again. After taking on “The Amazing Spider-Man” to show just how many “sins” the latest Spidey movie is guilty of, it’s just sentenced another superhero movie to movie Hell: “The Avengers.”

Marvel’s “The Avengers” might have been the biggest selling film of the year but saying that it was flawless would mean deliberately lying to ourselves.

The video above highlights the biggest “sins” it’s guilty of in 3 minutes or less, just as the headline says.

Of course, some of these “sins” aren’t exactly so because the film is inspired by the comics, so certain rules are meant to be broken.

Others, though, like the time Loki takes to chit chat with Stark, are hilarious slip-ups, especially if they’re presented like in the video above.