Evernote: Identity Theft Group Hacked Us, Not China Bloomberg

The breach is costing the company “many millions of dollars”

These days, a large number of data breaches are blamed on China. However, Evernote claims that the recent hack attack doesn’t appear to come from China, but an identity theft group.

According to Bloomberg, Mandiant is investigating the breach that affected Evernote and a detailed report will be compiled in a few weeks.

The company says that China or other state nations don’t seem to have anything to do with the incident, which is costing Evernote “many millions of dollars.”

In case you’re wondering why Evernote representatives highlight the fact that China has nothing to do with the hack, it’s because the company has just released a Chinese version of its corporate software.

The company will not hold an initial public offering in the next couple of years, but business seems to be going well. The China branch, which was launched a year ago, has over 10,000 new users each day.

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