Eva Longoria Has Wardrobe Malfunction at Cannes 2013 – Photo

Actress tries to keep dress off the ground, accidentally reveals too much of her anatomy

Out of all the places to have a red carpet wardrobe malfunction, perhaps the Cannes Film Festival is the worst. Eva Longoria must be in agony right now thinking that hers was captured by the camera.

The actress walked the red carpet at the premiere of “Jimmy P.: Psychotherapy of a Plains Indian” when the incident occurred.

The photo attached to this article was snapped on the occasion. It doesn’t show the malfunction but it’s enough to help you get an idea of how it happened: Eva was walking up the stairs when she realized her dress would get wet if she didn’t lift it a bit.

“Eva's seafoam green Atelier Versace gown featured an open back and a dangerously high slit, two of the 38-year-old's frequent wardrobe preferences,” the Huffington Post writes.

“As Eva made her way toward the theater, she hiked up her long skirt a tad too high, exposing far more upper thigh than intended. We should note, however, that Eva's risky maneuver was a relative success – she didn't soil her hem in the rain, after all,” the Post adds.

What she did manage though, according to other media outlets, was to flash certain bits of her anatomy that are always meant to be covered on the red carpet.

The Daily Mail, for instance, claims that Eva wasn’t wearing any underwear.

It also notes that either she didn’t realize her faux pas had been captured on camera or she’s trying to make it go away by not acknowledging, because she’s not saying anything about it on her Twitter.

She does talk though about being with the other L’Oreal girls (Jane Fonda and Cheryl Cole among them) at Cannes to promote the brand, about getting all dolled up for her outing thanks to the company, and about this being the best “job” ever.

“My favorite red carpet of the whole year!” Eva enthuses.

If she doesn’t know yet of her malfunction, one might assume she’ll be changing her mind the moment she finds out about it.

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