Eva Longoria Dating Penelope Cruz’s Brother, Eduardo

Actress Eva Longoria seems to have finally moved on from the recent divorce drama. Even more, she’s actually back in the dating game, according to recent reports: with none other than Penelope Cruz’s younger brother, Eduardo.

Eva and Eduardo seem to have met through mutual friends and are enjoying each other’s company a lot these days, having spotted together several times in recent weeks.

It’s not just that they’re hanging out more that’s getting people talking about a possible romance, but rather that, each time they were seen together, they acted like a genuine couple, People magazine notes.

In fact, claims the celebrity magazine, there are several eyewitnesses who can vouch that there’s more between the two than just friendship.

Just recently, for instance, the two were at the cabaret venue Café Was, watching flamenco group Sir Sultry – and they even held hands at one point.

“Eva and Eduardo seemed to have a good time together. They were flirty, and held hands for a brief moment during the performance. Eva looked very happy and acted like a single girl that is ready for some fun,” one spy tells People.

“She looked very pretty with barely any makeup and she seemed to very much enjoy spending her evening with Eduardo,” another source, who saw the two during dinner some hours before, reveals for the same publication.

It would seem that the blossoming romance is also influencing Eva’s behavior on the set of her hit show “Desperate Housewives.”

“Eva definitely seems to have moved on from her sad divorce drama. Lately, she acts happier and more focused on the set,” an unnamed source on the set of the show says for the magazine.

Some tabloid reports even say that Eduardo has been spending increasing amounts of time at Eva’s home – People couldn’t verify that. Neither could it get confirmation from the reps of the two stars about the state of their relationship.

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