Eurocom Panther 4.0 Notebook Gets Xeon E5-2690 8-Core CPU

This can actually act as a server replacement, not just a desktop substitute

There was a time when describing a laptop as a desktop replacement meant it was as powerful as it could get, but Eurocom seems to have gone beyond that level.

The Panther 4.0 mobile computer is a machine that we have already described as simply the best notebook there is.

One would think that it would take a while before the company managed to outdo itself, but that does not appear to be the case.

Seeing that it reached the top, more or less, allowed by consumer-oriented components, Eurocom simply went into server territory.

The result is a Panther 4.0 that uses the 8-core Intel Xeon E5-2690 processor (20 MB cache, 2.9 GHz clock speed)

As if that wasn't enough on its own, the company also tossed in massive storage and random access memory capacities.

“Now supporting Universal Extensible Firmware Interface, the Eurocom Panther 4.0 can surpass the limitations of the 2TB install/boot disc and fully take advantage of its 4 hard drive configuration. Putting 4 x 1TB HDD into a RAID 5 configuration to get a redundant 3TB boot disc,” said Mark Bialic, Eurocom president.

“Also worthy of note is the possibility of 4 x 600GB Intel SSD 540 series drives, adding up to 2.4TB or using Seagate’s latest iteration of its Momentus XT hybrid drives, you can get up to 3TB of blazing fast speed.”

Really, the only thing not part of the beast is a discrete graphics adapter, but it's not like a server actually needs something like that (and there are doubtlessly such options anyway).

“With such massive amounts of RAM, storage, redundancy and processing power available, the Panther 4.0 is a great tool for virtualization and server class environments. This is the ultimate tool for Engineering Companies to combine with our Mobile Workstations to create mobile engineering teams that can be deployed on customers sites. A desktop component-driven mobile server offers many advantages to traditional laptops” said Mark Bialic.

The Eurocom Panther 4.0 measures 419 (W) x 286 (D) x 57.9-62.1 (H) mm (16.76 x 11.44 x 2.31-2.48 inches) and will sell for a massive amount of money, probably more than $3,500 / 2,687 Euro.

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