Ethan Hawke Unveils New, Shocking Look for New Part

Actor sports peroxide hair and guyliner, all for art

Ethan Hawke, aka one of my favorite actors ever, has gone over to the dark blonde side. The actor revealed his new, shocking look the other night on the red carpet but, fret not, it’s all for art.

Rocking peroxide hair (with roots showing, of course) and a serious case of guyliner, Ethan posed for pictures but also took the time out to explain why the sudden need to see whether blondes really do have more fun.

As he puts it, he plays an aging rocker in “Clive,” so what better way to get into character than to replicate Bill Idol’s famous look. I made up that last part myself.

“I don’t know how to explain it exactly. I didn’t want to feel like me when I did this role. I’m trying to do that old-school, third-person thing by unlocking something as utterly superficial as my hair. I was shooting for a Bowie thing, but then I saw a picture of him after I did it, and he didn’t really do his hair like this,” Hawke said.

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