Escort the Helpless Spirit of Your Dead Sister Through Hell

Travel along the Way of Desolation in this hero-defense map

This is a hero-defense map where four ninjas from the Ayuma clan attempt to bring their dead sister back to life by escorting her lost soul back through Hell.

In the darkness of Hell, lost spirits are drawn to the lights that mark the Way. Keep the spirit of your lost sister from being destroyed, by safely leading her to the Soulgate. Beware, for the Way of Desolation hides many dark creatures that will attempt to destroy all who seek passage.

Your sister will move along the Way to the Soulgate, but her spirit is drawn to nearby lights, which act as distress signals to lead her away from where she's headed. Light sources that may capture your sister's attention include both Soullannterns and Fiery Demons (which can harm her). For your sister's spirit to reach the Soulgate and return to life, you will have to destroy the light sources along the path, escorting her and defending her spirit from demons as it walks helplessly from one source to the next.

If your sister's spirit is destroyed, all is lost. You will gain mana, health and experience by capturing the orbs that spawn when you kill demons and other obstacles along the way.

There are three difficulties from which you can choose:

- Ko-hai (student) – the spirit has 1,500 hot points at the start;

- Renshi (master) – the spirit has 100 hit points at the start;

- Shihan (grand master) – the spirit has 500 hit points at the start.

The gameplay between the difficulty modes is identical, with the exception of how many hit points the Spirit has. The map is designed to be challenging on all levels with four players. Some adjustments to the frequency of orbs released and the value of experience given out will change depending upon the number of players.

Many of your attacks can harm your allies, including the spirit of your lost sister, which cannot recover from damage. Can you escort the spirit to the Soulgate without allowing it to be lost forever?



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