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Bollywood channel on YouTube

Eros International signed a deal with the online video sharing service YouTube to create a new channel on their page. Basically, the channel will provide instant access to an impressive collection of clips made by the company. Eros International is an Indian media company that created no more than 1300 films, being one of the major names from the local film industry. According to, the new channel will appear on YouTube's partner channel and will show trailers, interviews and interesting scenes from the upcoming movies.

''The partnership with YouTube allows us to not only promote our content but also monetise it through advertising revenues. Legal online distribution of compelling content is an integral part of our new media strategy," Eros International Chairman & CEO Kishore Lulla said according to the same source.

It seems that Eros will be among the first companies that will register for the exciting partnership program prepared by the Mountain View firm: revenue sharing with the uploaders. As you might know, the online video sharing service YouTube announced a new campaign that will surely attract more users to upload clips on the page because the earned money will be split with the uploaders. This way, YouTube will also implement one more long-awaited feature, the pre-clip adverts being presented a long time ago. Google's representatives sustained that YouTube will include pre-clip ads to earn additional money and share it with the uploader of the video.

YouTube was acquired by Google in October 2006, the search giant paying no more than $1.65 billion for the service. Recently, the Mountain View company was sent to the court by Viacom, the owner of MTV and Comedy Central accusing the search giant for copyright infringement. However, Google sustained that most of the Viacom clips were deleted so there is no reason to take this case to the judge.

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