Equmen Precision Underwear for Men: Tone Up and Lose Weight

Company launches pressure and support line for the lower half as well

Early last month, we were telling you about a line of vests and undershirts that boasted of being able to make the wearer not only look good much in the manner a corset would, but also to help them lose weight and tone up without actually doing anything else in this sense. Equmen has recently launched a men’s line for the lower half of the body as well, and it will become available in stores in the UK sometime next month.

The Equmen items rely on a technology that is seemingly able to do more things at once, from keeping the wearer cool and perspiration-free, to providing extra support and actually toning the muscles by applying pressure on them. The same goes for the Precision Underwear line recently launched, which not only makes the back and front look bigger, but also promises the wearer no more flabby thighs.

“Men’s underpants finally are getting the technological boost that has long been seen in the sport and women’s categories. These new men’s undergarments were inspired by the high-performance fabrics worn by athletes, but designed for regular guys. Now they can enjoy such benefits every day.” Equmen Managing Director Gavin Jones says about the new product. Consequently, the briefs, trunks and long trunks that make up the line are designed to offer gait support and extra comfort, while also applying pressure on the gluteal fold, which means men will literally be able to shape their lower half just with the aid of this one product.

Among the many features of the newly launched underwear items, we notice a Precision-fit pouch that keeps temperatures under control and, in doing so, sees to the wearer’s health and comfort. The underwear is also said to improve posture and gait, contour, smooth and lift the entire area, support muscles, control body temperature and manage moisture efficiently.

The Equmen Precision Underwear line is already available online on the official webpage of the manufacturer, and will go on sale at Selfridges on August 1. Speaking of the launch there, David Walker Smith, Selfridges’ director of Menswear and Beauty, tells the media that, “This season’s male legging has taken men’s fashion to a new level of skinniness. We hope customers will be equally as excited to control the shape of their bums as they were their tums when we launched control vests for men earlier this year.”

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