Epiphany 3.11.2 Web Browser Brings Lots of Goodies for Christmas

The new development version introduces many attractive features

The GNOME Project has announced recently that a new development release towards the Epiphany 3.12 web browser that will be part of the upcoming GNOME 3.12 desktop environment is now available for download and testing.

Epiphany 3.11.2 expands and centers tabs, displays a different Search Bar in each tab, no longer locks when resizing the history window’s columns, uses the ISO-8859-1 charset for better web compatibility, improves phrasing of the save password infobar, and adds a revamped Cookies dialog.

Moreover, Epiphany 3.11.2 introduces a new dialog for passwords, various dialogs were cleaned up, the tabs that were created only for downloads are now closed automatically, the GNOME Shell search provider has been moved to a separate binary, fixes several drag 'n drop issues in the URL bar, uses suggested filename for images, and remembers mailman passwords.

This second development release of the upcoming Epiphany 3.12 web browser also fixes the glow of Download buttons, removes all WK1 dependent code, fixes Wayland issues, improves the Oops screen, fixes various adblocker issues and critical warnings, fixes and updates many help files, and updates various translations.

Many other internal fixes were added to Epiphany 3.11.2, which borrows some of the improvements that were previously implemented in the stable 3.10.3 release of GNOME’s default WebKit-based web browser. However, there will be more development releases for Epiphany until the final version, which is due for release in Spring 2014, as part of the GNOME 3.12 desktop environment. For more details, do not hesitate to check the official raw changelog.

Download Epiphany 3.11.2 right now from Softpedia. Remember that this is a development release and it should NOT be installed on production machines. It is intended to be used for testing purposes only.

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