Epic Mickey Will Be True to the Legacy of the Character

The designer working on the upcoming Epic Mickey project, Warren Spector, has said that his video game will aim to reinvent the classic Disney character but will not take liberties that feel out of place to its legacy and its character.

Warren Spector, the designer of the game told an audience of journalists, “Mickey deserves more. Disney demands more… You have to do something that astounds people, that no one’s ever seen before. Mickey deserves something new.”

Epic Mickey is set to feature platforming levels, action adventure section, role playing elements and a combination between two dimensional and three dimensional areas to explore.

The main mechanics of the experience will be painting and erasing color from the world using gestural controls based around the motion tracking capabilities of the Nintendo Wii.

Spector believes that paint is fundamental to the nature of the character, saying “Mickey is a cartoon character made of paint and ink. Why not give him control over what he’s made of?”

He added, “I’ve always wanted to create a platformer game and no one would give me the money to do it. So I just decided to sneak it in there.”

The team was dedicated to staying as close as possible to the history of the character as it was built by Disney, with the animators going so far as to recreate old Mickey featuring cartoons in order to see whether their new vision of the character would be out of place in them.

The plot of Epic Mickey is based around a world for forgotten cartoons that is invaded by the Phantom Blot, who conquers it and changes it for the worst.

Mickey himself, the cause of the disaster, must then fight to rebuilt what was destroyed using paint and thinner.

Epic Mickey is set to arrive at some point during November of this year on the Nintendo Wii, just in time for the Christmas shopping season.

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