Epic Mickey 3 Will Be Full Blown Musical

The sequences in the second game are just an introduction

Epic Mickey 2 might be focused on cooperative play that involves Mickey Mouse and Oswald the Rabbit, but the real innovation in the game lies elsewhere and shows gamers what a potential third game in the series would look like.

Warren Spector, the leader of Junction Point Studios, told IGN that, “This time around, in the second game, I just wanted to take a baby-step to making the full-blown interactive musical game. This is not it.”

“Gamers, you tell ’em there are songs in the game and they start getting panicked, but I just want to see if people will accept songs in games and, if they do, next time I’m going crazy,” he continued.

The developer suggested that the amount of music in a potential Epic Mickey 3 would shock players who get through the first two titles in the series.

Spector also revealed how he approaches a long-term franchise like the Disney one he is currently working on.

He said, “One of the parts of my process is I figure out a three-story arc, like a narrative arc, and then I figure out, ‘Okay, if we get lucky enough to do more than one game set in this world, what’s the game innovation? What’s the new thing in the first one? What would the new thing be in the second game? What would the new thing be in the third?’”

Epic Mickey 2 will expand on the universe that Spector created in the first game using characters from the back catalog of Disney.

The story of the game will be linked to the main duo fighting for the Mad Doctor’s efforts to turn the Wasteland into a realm in his own image.

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two is set to arrive on the PC, the PlayStation 3, the Nintendo Wii and the Xbox 360 on November 18 of this year.

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